Browse and purchase PERF Apparel's unique laser cut T-shirts through our secure Etsy site.

Note that you are ONLY buying the top layer shirt with the pattern in it! The colored shirt underneath is sold separately. 

PERF t-shirts are made with American Apparel 50/50 Poly-Cotton blend T-shirts. As the laser cuts each hole, it fuses the edge of the synthetic fibers to prevent fraying. They are the most comfortable and form fitting shirts I've found and the laser cuts them beautifully.

Use the Comments Section when checking out to indicate which SIZE and COLOR you'd like to order.

Please specify a color:
Asphalt (PMS 11)
Gold (PMS 1365)
Brown (PMS 412)
Light Blue (PMS 290)
Black (PMS 6)
White (PMS -)
(Note that the light color of White and Light Blue shirts reveal some brown burnt edges where the laser has cut the holes. It makes for a great aesthetic, but if you don't find this appealing please order a different color.)

Please specify a size:
Mens: S, M, L
Womens: XS, S, M, L

PERF laser cut shirts are delicate and you should wash them as you would any of your other delicate items.

Check back with PERF regularly, I am developing new patterns regularly!


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